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As every year, we started 2021 with a three-day kick off event for one of our best clients from the pharmaceutical field. What usually takes place in one of the larger European cities had to happen virtually this time – all technically coordinated from our office in Neu-Isenburg.

The modern, spatial platform set up made our 400 participants almost feel as they were on site. The lobby made the plenary area, breakout rooms and much more easily accessible. Of course, the fun factor, as well as the exchange between participants shouldn’t have come off badly. Therefore, we implemented various tools like a photo booth and a video networking tool for spontaneous meet ups. 

Day one mostly happened in the networking area and the plenary. There were various live-presentations and interviews, coming with simultaneous translations and a live-chat. Besides that, a graphic recording artist documented the whole day with unique and creative graphics.

Day two and three were characterized by breakout sessions and different group workshops. Each of which had their own rooms with individual agenda and different workshop areas.

To end the event with a big bang, we organized an Awards Ceremony – digitally of course. In order to still be able to celebrate the winners adequately, our graphic department developed individual animations with fireworks and music. That’s how you celebrate with distance!


A two-day leadership conference with 100 attendees from all over the world, in between travel bans and lock downs. How does that work? Virtually of course.

Within three weeks, we planned and realized a great virtual event, together with our client and our technical partner. Our conference room was converted to a technical control center, a trouble counter set up just next door. This way, we were able to work together hand in hand – metaphorically speaking, of course we made sure all Covid-19 regulations were implemented. 

Besides all the streaming technology and the trouble counter, we as well were responsible for the graphic design of the website and other materials. 

To conclude, you can say: Virtual events can be fun too!


To be successful in the long run and to be a reliable partner for your clients, it is necessary for any company to establish and also to live by a clear and unique identity. This so-called Corporate Identity, or CI, shows itself in a uniform language, referring to style and tone, written and spoken, as well as a consistent golden thread which runs through the firms design, meaning a uniform design in any business stationary, offline and online. The ultimate goal is to differentiate oneself from other competitors and to create a unique personality for the company. 

Corporate Identity is the basic self-conception of a company and mirrors its values, positioning, differentiation and uniqueness. Besides that, it includes its goals and visions. The Corporate Design is responsible for visualizing all of this. It is one of the main and maybe the most popular pillars of Corporate Identity. It affects the companys appearance – starting with its font and logo design and business stationary to electronic media like the companys website, in some cases even the architecture and design of the premises. This is the only way to create a recognition factor and make the clients trust in the business. It offers a form of visual communication and therefore a possibility of identifying with the company, even at places where classic advertising isn’t possible.

We revised our corporate design recently – everything from a new logo, business cards, mailings and notepaper to our website, presentation and newsletters. 

To achieve this uniform and recognizable design, it needs guidelines which are noted in a Corporate Design Manual – this is the only way to ensure they are followed. 


As an incentive agency with decades of experience we have traveled the world and seen magical places. Nevertheless, we always come back to South Africa and the Sabi Sabi Luxury Game Reserve. This place is able to perfectly harmonize a luxurious ambience and unique nature. 

The resort in the Sabi Sabi Reserve of Kruger National Park consists of four different lodges. Thanks to their different sizes and design they meet everyone’s wishes and needs. Besides that, the lodges can be booked exclusively, depending on the size of the group.  

To start the day right, guests can go on an early morning game drive to watch the Big Five or walk the National Park by foot to explore the unique flora. The afternoon offers the option of another Game Drive with a sundowner on the way, before heading to dinner together. A very special highlight is the Bush Dinner, taking place in the middle of South African nature. 

A visit at Sabi Sabi Luxury Game Reserve promises unique moments and encounters the guests will never forget!

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us or check out the Sabi Sabi website:



One thing we have learned over the years in our industry is that however well you plan ahead, it’s impossible to foresee everything. Bad weather and flight delays are always factored into our plans. In fact, you could even say they’re part of our ‘daily routine’. A global pandemic, on the other hand, is impossible to predict.

When unexpected setbacks throw us off track we put our creative heads together to rethink our options, and then decide what to do next. The add on team made a collective decision to keep going, to look ahead to the future, to stay passionate and, most importantly, to support our clients through these difficult weeks and months!

When will we be organising our next international incentive trip or a kick-off event for 900 guests again? We can’t answer that question. What we can do, however, is to develop a plan that makes it possible for everyone to hold an event in a pandemic – with a concept tailored to the circumstances that nevertheless fires client and guest emotions just as much as a regular event would.

The global Covid-19 situation necessitates effective hygiene and infection prevention measures – especially at events. We have already begun to educate ourselves about these issues so that we have the knowledge to put all relevant safety precautions in place at future events.

Our colleague Lara has completed a hygiene training certification programme for clubs, trade fairs and events at the DEKRA Academy, which means we now have a certified specialist on the team.

“The hygiene training programme particularly focused on safety and hygiene-oriented planning, the drafting, implementation and review of hygiene plans, event implementation and the delegation of specific tasks to responsible individuals.” (Lara Nordt)

The add on team now has the necessary expertise to continue offering our portfolio of services to clients during this pandemic. Among other things, we can prepare special hygiene plans, digital self-declarations for participants and optionally extendable technical solutions for the venues, such as smart access control, indoor routing and distance control. We also make sure that all relevant criteria, from official safety regulations for events to GDPR requirements, are taken into account.

Our top priority is to minimise the risk at the events we implement and ensure that an integrated health protection concept is in place to protect everyone involved!

Special times demand special solutions

Events go digital: Covid-19 has had a particularly disruptive effect on one industry in particular – the event industry, our industry. Almost overnight successful business models suddenly became untenable.

Special times demand special solutions. Over recent months we have been following this guiding principle to take back control and work out what we have to do to achieve the optimum solutions.

Now that many events have gone digital, ‘livestreams’, ‘webinars’ and ‘virtual events’ have become mainstream occurrences. We’ve also checked out these technologies, but we want to emphasise that they can never replace the familiar event formats, and that this isn’t our goal. Nothing will ever beat live communication in terms of its ability to communicate messages in a way that inspires and engages with the audience.

Livestreams, webinars and virtual events necessitate very different approaches and concepts – in terms of both content and technology.

You can’t just translate a ‘live’ event into an ‘online’ event.

Just because it works in real life doesn’t mean it will work in a virtual environment. But that doesn’t mean online events are any less valuable than live events. We believe it is important to avoid past versus future comparisons, so we have established new benchmarks for future events.

Hybrid – a combination of live and online events – will be the ‘new normal’. Hybrid events cater to participants attending live at the venue plus a digital audience attending from anywhere in the world. Today’s technology allows us to switch analogue events over to hybrid formats so that they can still go ahead in an alternative framework.

Although a lot of things are changing right now, Interpersonal communication is not one of them. The past months have taught us just how vital it is to interact and communicate with other people. We believe it is incredibly important to develop additional good concepts that make human interaction across a distance of 1.5 metres or via virtual channels possible. And the reason why this is so important is that nothing is more effective or engaging than a mix of pure emotions and communication.



That was our slogan in 2017 when we had to source a new destination for a planned incentive trip to Myanmar one week before it was due to take place. The escalating political tensions at the destination left our clients with no other option.

So we had exactly 168 hours to organise a completely different, high-level incentive trip for 90 participants. To maximise our effectiveness we decided not to change the long-haul flights to Bangkok that we had already booked, and to develop a new concept for a trip in Thailand.

When the destination change happened our colleague Stefanie – supported by our partner exo Travel Thailand – was already on her way to Asia for the pre-check process. When she arrived she simply rewrote her itinerary and embarked on a marathon of location checks, preparing detailed plans and liaising with service providers in the Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Phuket regions – all at the same time. We had to source hotels, organise the transfers, plan the programme, discuss set-ups directly with the venues and talk to the caterers about menus. In the meantime, Axel, Julia, Antje and the rest of the team in Neu-Isenburg worked around the clock to revise the plans, rebudget and prepare a brand new set of printed materials, as well as liaise with the incentive trip participants.

We did it! The participants enjoyed a wonderful trip, stayed in luxurious hotels – including the unique Four Seasons Hotel in Chiang Mai when they arrived, a beach stay in the beautiful villas at Anantara Layan Phuket Resort and – the icing on the cake – the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok. The all-inclusive package included beach clubs, elephant riding, a chartered yacht excursion and an unforgettable gala dinner high above the roofs of Bangkok. Most of all, though, we achieved comprehensive branding for the client in the communications with participants.

We pulled off a near impossible feat within the space of just one week!



When you come across a genuinely inspiring location it’s important to share that information. In February 2020 one such location was the venue for a dinner event with 900 guests organised by the add on team. The name is Platea and the location central Madrid. A cool party, a fantastic multimedia show and breath-taking artist performances were all on the programme.

Platea, on Plaza de Colón, is a benchmark-setting gourmet temple. It has 5,800 square metres of space across 5 floors providing the perfect setting for all kinds of events. Event planners have a range of options available to them because they can either hire out the entire location or just specific areas. Platea can cater to around 1,200 guests in a combination of standing and seating areas.

The former cinema’s stylish conversion retains much of the old structure, including the upper circle, pit and stage. High quality technical equipment, including a big LED wall on the stage and a comprehensive in-house light and sound package make this venue the ideal event location.

The catering concept covers all possible preferences, with different concepts on each floor. There are various stands serving a variety of foods, from Spanish tapas to Mediterranean delicacies, Mexican cuisine and Japanese sushi.

The add on team thinks Platea is an absolutely first-rate location for amazing events. Contact us to find out how we can organise the perfect event for you here.

Further information about the location: